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A new form of extortion is emerging, post false information on the internet

February 7, 2013

A new form of extortion is emerging, post false information about a company or individual unless they pay ou money.  Not long ago our company made a JV with Mike Hepworth, Rick Brown, Basil Botha, Raul Sanabria who called themselves Alpha Resources Management, Inc.  They also have a company called Northern Iron Corp., Condor Precious Metals, Firesteel Resources Ltd., G4G Resources and Hepworth + Co.
The JV was to develop oil projects in Iraq and they put up some money to sponsor the first trip to Iraq, they wanted out of the deal when it became necessary for me to look for other parties because they were not fully supporting our operations there.  I agreed to pay them back even though we were not obligated to do so.  However since our financial situation has not been good since we ended up solely supporting our operations in Iraq without their help up we could only afford $2,000 per month.

The guys threatened a “media campaign” unless I paid them more which was not possible so they launched into this posting all sorts of false information about me and my company all over the internet including the accusation that we did not even go to Iraq but it was some sort of scam.  This is very offensive in that me and my country manager risked our lives there for almost a month and my country manager has been there for months afterwards to pursue projects there.  We are all over the Iraqi media, on TV, on radio, in the newspapers so in essence these guys are posting false information to extort money out of us.

These guys were threatening a second wave of their “media campaign” and what they are doing is inventing fictitious people to post on the internet all sort of absurd things.  If finally dawned on me because I have never heard of these people and they simply do not exist, also we have traced the IP address back to this guy Mike Hepworth. They have even created fictitious woman to post all sorts of negative things about me that they have made up saying bizarre things that has got my finance’ so upset she has left me and gone back to Russia.

The day when you can let a person destroy another person’s life by posting false information on the internet is a sad day, so your help in creating something positive here would be greatly appreciated. So if you know of these guys please ask them to stop since this crosses the line of all decency.

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