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Mike Hepworth, Rick Brown, Basil Botha, Raul Sanabria a new way to extort money via the internet

February 7, 2013

It seems like anyone can use the internet to post false information about you then demand money from you to take it down.  I had a business dispute with these guys for a small amount of money which I agreed to pay back but apparently not fast enough for them so they have posted all sorts of false information about me and twisted the truth to make me look bad.  What these people are doing is not right, I never owed them any money but agreed to pay them back to keep them happy.  However in the end I had to sue them in court to make them stop posting all the false information about me and my company because it has greatly hurt both my business and personal life.  Myself and out company has very little financial resources but we have had to spend all our savings on this law suit because these people would not stop.  Recently a key employee and someone very important in my life had her mother diagnosed with kidney cancer and she needs $70,000 dollars for an operation to save her life which I do not have because I have spent it on this lawsuit.  So I hope that these people realize that when you do dirty dishonest things to get money it does have a ripple effect that can end up killing someone.  I have given all the money we can and I am her only real hope so I hope we all can take this is an example that our actions have often severe and lasting consequences. Here are some pics of her in the hospital and deaths door. In my opinion Mike Hepworth, Rick Brown, Basil Botha, Raul Sanabria are responsible for her death if it comes to that. Also involved is  Colin Rigley, of The New Times, Alpha Resources Management, Inc., Northern Iron Corp., Condor Precious Metals, Firesteel Resources Ltd., G4G Resources and Hepworth + Co.

DSCN1212 DSCN1213 DSCN1215


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