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Extortion and fraud on the internet- scam

Mike Hepworth, Basil Botha, Raul Sanabria, Rick Brown, Latin American Mineral, Inc.

I went to Iraq and risked my life on the behalf of these four individuals, I spent all the money I had and even did not have body guards and other security measures to seek oil and gas fields on behalf of these people.
When they felt the costs were too high they wanted out since they do not understand the oil business, I told them I will repay them even though I was not obligated but they demanded all the money otherwise they would invent stories and smear me on the internet.

Do not trust any of these individuals. If you need to see additional details on this including a video please see:

These individuals have no shame and will invent false things and put them on the internet unless you pay them extortion fees.


Ever heard of extortion via posting false information on the internet that could ruin your life for years?

Two years ago I got some investors to back me a very dangerous project in Iraq, these investors where Mike Hepworth, Rick Brown, Basil Botha, Raul Sanabria and they are involved with the following companies Alpha Resources Management, Inc., Northern Iron Corp., Condor Precious Metals, Firesteel Resources Ltd., G4G Resources and Hepworth + Co.  These gentlemen backed my trip to Iraq and I went risking my life saving money by not having much security and driving all over Iraq for a month signing MOU’s on getting the rights to develop giant oil fields there.

When I came back and gave them the go forward budget they wanted their money back because it was too high and said if I did not give it to them immediately they would do an internet media blitz to destroy my life unless I paid them.  Since I was supporting an operation in Iraq I could not pay them back as fast as they wanted so they made false claims and posted them on the internet.  They went so far as to create virtual woman to say thing to destroy my personal life all of which worked.

These false postings destroyed my business and our financial situation so much so when the mother of my future wife to be got terminal cancer I would not save her life with urgent treatments because of these gentlemen destroying my finances.  How low can people go for the sake of money?  But even after two years when I travel the world trying to do business or make new friends they always Google me and these false posting come up and it destroys everything and I get hurtful messages saying I am a “scammer”.

The irony is that I risked my life and the life of my associates going through war zones to feed the greed of these gentlemen but it was not good enough to they tried extortion via fraudulent statements. They are being sued and will pay for all this damage when the facts come out in court.  But to this day everyone believes this fraud that they have posted and one cannot get it removed without huge court costs.  What is the world coming too?  They have cleverly done this by using my name of William Divine, William Devine and my company Concession International, Inc.  God help us all if this is what is allowed on the internet. If you want to see the whole story see:


Dog recovering in central Alberta after reportedly being shot

Global News

EDMONTON – An Alberta dog, who’s thought to have been a rural stray, is on the mend following a traumatic incident.

“It’s believed she was shot in her front right leg,” said Dr. Patty Tulloch, of the Westlock Veterinary Center.

“Obviously, she probably didn’t have a home so she was running free, but for someone to just see an innocent animal and just shoot at them is kind of shocking to you,” she added.

The dog’s injured leg had to be amputated; and an X-ray shows there’s still a bullet lodged inside her.

She was taken in by a small animal rescue society in the province before being handed over to the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), which brought her to the clinic in Westlock.

It’s expected that’s where she’ll stay for the next couple weeks as she continues her recovery.

“She’s a great addition to the clinic…

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U.S. scrambles to avert civil war in South Sudan

Global News

Watch the above video: South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission calls for end to fighting

WASHINGTON – Three years after midwifing South Sudan’s birth, the United States is desperately trying to prevent the world’s youngest nation from falling apart.

Yet despite shared consternation by the Obama administration and Congress, no one is quite sure what the U.S. can do to bring peace to a country that in many ways owes its existence to the United States. The violence has killed more than 1,000 people and driven 180,000 from their homes in the last month, and spread to neighbours killing each other purely on tribal identification, threatening a place that until recently was viewed by Democrats and Republicans alike as an American success story in Africa.

READ MORE: South Sudan talks stall again over issue of political prisoners

The crisis has sowed deep concern at the White House. President Barack Obama’s national security…

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Watch: Treasure hunter finds 400-year-old English coin in Victoria

Global News

Watch: How did a BC treasure hunter find an English shilling from around 1551 in our province? Global News went along with Bruce Campbell and his metal detector to see how he scored such a rare find.

A Victoria Island man has found a rare coin that can help solve a mystery that goes centuries back.

“It is the oldest coin found on the West Coast to the best my knowledge,” says Bruce Campbell, who has picked up metal detection after retiring last June.

Normally, Campbell finds lots of bottles, caps and aluminum pull tabs, but about three weeks ago he took his metal detector to Gorge Waterway, where he made a rare find.

An English shilling was buried in the clay about six centimeters underground.

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, so he posted the pictures to the official Canadian metal detection site, where it was…

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How do we discover the geology of million years ago for finding the Hydrocarbons?

The Oily Blog

Well, this is how we come to learn about the different tools used by people in the oil and gas industry in order to discover where the oil can be hidding… And the seismic surveys and their correct interpretation, have turned to be the most widely used and practical method to discover the different characteristics of the geology down there, as previous stage to get physically in the subsurface by drilling any kind of perforation or well.

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UPDATE 1-Texas law judges advise rejection of Entergy-ITC Holdings grid sale

Alternative Energy Pakistan

By Eileen O’GradyHOUSTON, July 9 (Reuters) – A panel of administrative judges on Tuesday urged Texas utility regulators to reject Entergy Corp.’s plan to divest its electric transmission assets to ITC Holdings Corp..The recommendation, which is subject to review by the Texas…

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